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Harry's Razors spends a greater percentage of its promotion budget for advertising and sales promotion than does Gillette, the major category leader in terms of market share. Gillette has learned that sales and market share improvements slow down and eventually decrease regardless of how much money is spent on advertising and promotion. This phenomenon is called the advertising _______.Response function
Mtn Dew is a major sponsor of NASCAR driver Chase Elliott and his Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 team. Chase Elliott often wears a Mtn Dew hat, and his number 9 vehicle has a prominent Mtn Dew logo. Mtn Dew sponsorship of Chase Elliott is an example of _______ media. unmeasured
Mike Ditka, a famous NFL football coach, was recently featured in a television advertisement for Blu-Emu where he recommends the numbing pain relief cream. This is an example of the _______ executional style of advertising.spokesperson/testimonial
Verizon uses _______ advertising to demonstrate how its service is superior to T-Mobile's by showing a coverage map of the United States and explaining that Verizon customers have fewer dropped calls.Comparative
ESPN+ was launched in April 2018 and is a multi-sport, direct-to-consumer video service. Its _______ is over 2 million subscribers who are exposed to advertisements at least once a month during the NFL and NBA seasons.reach
The Bank of America Chicago Marathon recently announced results from the most recent event. Over 11,000 runners competed and raised an event record $22.7 million through the Chicago Marathon Charity Program in which runners ask friends and family to support their charity's cause with a donation. The Bank of America is using _______ to improve brand awareness and enhance its corporate image.Sponsorship
The Stephen and Ayesha Curry Family Foundation recently announced in a press release that it is creating a $30,000 STEM scholarship for girls. The Foundation has committed to selecting one candidate each year who has demonstrated "aptitude for overcoming adversity, catalyzing change within her community and demonstrating excellence in a STEM-related field of study." The press release is an example of how the Foundation is seeking _______ for its work.Publicity
Popeyes Chicken uses the catchy jingle, "Love that chicken from Popeyes" to create a favorable image of the restaurant. Its television advertisements feature photos of hot, juicy chicken and smiling team members ready to serve customers. Popeyes is using _______ advertising to influence consumers to visit the restaurant.Competitive
The Food and Drug Administration has recently approved a new portable heart monitoring device called KardiaMobil. It consists of a device and app that enables consumers to record and review electrocardiograms (ECGs) anywhere, anytime. The device attaches to the back of most iOS and Android devices and communicates wirelessly with the free Kardia app. KardiaMobile uses television advertising to demonstrate how simple and easy the device is and how it helps consumers with health conditions such as atrial fibrillation or Afib. The KardiaMobile is the first to introduce ECG monitoring for the consumer market. Therefore, the television advertisements are classified as _______ advertisements.pioneering
Amazon has a series of related advertisements showcasing its Echo product across a variety of channels such as television, social media, and e-mail direct to consumers. Amazon created more than one hundred 10-second spots, each with a funny little question or request for Alexa. This is an example of an _______.advertising campaign
Penzey's, a spice company headquartered in Wisconsin, predominantly utilizes _______ media such as Facebook and Instagram. These apps are some of the fastest-growing social media and can reach a narrow target audience with a relatively short lead time to create messages.internet
Vanya visited Best Buy to purchase a new laptop computer. She was considering the Apple MacBook Pro since she has an iPhone. The sales representative convinced her to buy the MacBook Air instead. Vanya later learned that the sales representative qualified for a bonus of $500 from Apple for reaching a sales goal of 10 MacBook Air sales within a week. This is an example of _______.push money
The Pork Producers Association of America often utilizes _______ advertising to increase the consumption of pork products. Outdoor boards, magazines, and television advertisements in the past used the slogan, "Pork. The other white meat." Today, the ads include new, original music with the song 'Make it Like This!' and showcase creative, delicious pork dishes.institutional
The Mayhem series of advertisements for Allstate use humor to break through the clutter of television advertising and capture consumer attention. Which of the following is true about using humor in advertising?Humor is more effective in shaping consumer attitudes when they already have a positive image of the advertised brand.
Patagonia, an outdoor clothing company, has been a vocal supporter of environmental causes. It recently used _______ advertising. It invested $700,000 in a minute-long television advertisement featuring its founder, Yvon Chouinard, discussing the need to protect and cultivate America's public lands and questioning recent policy decisions allowing private companies to develop public lands.Advocacy
Menard's typically features specific products in its television and newspaper advertising. Recently, it offered a special on General Electric light bulbs. Menards receives funds from General Electric to support the advertising of GE's products. This is known as _______ advertising.cooperative
The Chevrolet Corvette is a popular sports car. A recent print advertisement stated, "The 2020 Corvette Stingray will debut with a 6.2-liter V-8 engine—codenamed LT2— that produces 495 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque." This information is classified as a(n) _______.attribute
Victor went to Home Depot to buy ceiling paint for a home remodeling project. He noticed that the Dutch Boy brand of paint was offering a sales promotion in which customers would receive $2.00 in cash with every gallon of paint purchased through the end of the year. Customers simply needed to send a copy of the sales receipt to the company to receive their cash. This is an example of a _______, a type of consumer sales promotion.rebate
The Mattress Wedge Foam Pillow was recently featured in a 30-minute spot on television. The _______ discussed the attributes and benefits of the foam pillow and included interviews with customers and healthcare professionals who claimed the pillow could reduce issues with acid reflux.infomercial
Aneko is a media buyer with Simantel, an advertising agency. Aneko typically purchases radio and television commercial time slots for local business customers such as restaurants and automobile dealerships. These commercials are examples of _______ media.measured
Aurora was recently shopping at a grocery store and planned to purchase chips for an upcoming tailgate party at her home. She noticed that Frito Lay brand chips were discounted, and the store had placed prominent shelf tags showing that consumers could purchase two packages for $3.00. This is an example of a _______ sales promotion.consumer
Norwegian Cruise Line is attempting to use _______ in response to a purported mutiny of passengers on its Norwegian Spirit ship who were upset over changes in their voyage itinerary due to bad weather as well as unsanitary conditions on the ship. The company has issued a press release stating, "We understand that it is disheartening when we are unable to call on ports that our guests have been looking forward to visiting. However, we do ask for our guests' patience, cooperation, and understanding that severe weather conditions are an act of God and cannot be controlled, influenced, or remediated by the cruise line."crisis management
The Final Fantasy XV video game features recognizable name-brand products. In the game, the main characters camp with Coleman gear and buy and eat Cup Noodles in bulk. Coleman and Cup Noodles are using _______ to reinforce brand awareness and create favorable attitudes.product placement
Carlos is a brand ambassador for Maui Jim, a specialty eyeglass company known for its sunglasses. Carlos typically sets up a company display at professional golf events around the country. He offers customers a free Professional Golf Association branded glasses case with every purchase. The case is an example of a _______, a type of consumer sales promotion.premium
Dick's Sporting Goods is developing a campaign for the next Super Bowl. The ads will begin airing during football playoffs, and the primary target audience is active men aged 25 to 60. Dick's has established the advertising _______ of increasing same store sales by 7 percent over the prior year during the weeks of the campaign.objective

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